Rifny 6 Marimo Moss Balls | Live Aquarium Plant Decoration for Fish Tanks | 1 Inch and Bigger | Large Cladophora Betta Fish Friendly | Minimal Care Required

RifnySKU: CG-013255



  • The Best Live Aquarium Plant - Marimo Moss Balls require no special light, CO2 system, or aquarium plant fertilizer. Marimos can be kept in nearly any freshwater aquarium that has a temperature of 80 f or less.
  • Minimal Maintenance - Marimos filter / remove nitrogen and phosphate from the aquariums which increases oxygen, water quality, and assists with algae removal by competing for nutrients. Allowing the aqua to stay cleaner for longer.
  • Create your Ecosystem - Give your aquatic pets a eco-friendly environment that will benefit them. They are particularly useful in shrimp and snail tanks, as the shrimp and snails love grazing on them for biolfilm.
  • Beautiful Decorations - Marimos are the best Decor for all aquarium tanks of all sizes by adding life and a deep green color to the natural underwater environment by complimenting aquarium driftwood, aquarium rocks, aquarium gravel and other aquarium plants.
  • The Perfect Pet Gift - With minimal care needed, the Marimo Moss Ball is an excellent living gift idea that will last as long as your aquarium, habitat, or terrarium.
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